Campaign Setup

What is a campaign?

A campaign is how Penned manages your letters, design and message template. We assign your message templates, design and recipients to a campaign. This enables you (and us) to track how many letters, what type we’re issuing and of course costs. Normally a campaign will only have one letter style, such as A6 thank you card. However, you can have multiple letter templates to one campaign if needed.  If you’re integrating Penned to your CRM through Zapier you’ll assign a campaign and the letter template per Zap enabling multiple templates per campaign.

Each campaign will have either a PAYG (Pay As You Go Plan) or an up-front payment with a limit of letters each month.  If you’re on a PAYG we will process the payment in bulk every 48 hours. We will organise your payment plan at the end.

How does the design work? We will need to confirm and organise a print ready template for your letter design. This would accommodate either an A4, A5, A5 tent-fold or A6 card. If you have an existing design (or have a team working on it!) then choose ‘No Help’. We will send you an email asking for your design documents and confirm they are ready to go! If you need assistance – great – that’s what we’re here for! We will ask for your logo and preferred style (footer, text and size). We will design this (free of charge) and send it to you for your approval. All designs will be confirmed with you before going to print.

If your design file(s) are easily accessible. If you upload the files now we will review and confirm. Otherwise we will reach out to you shortly to arrange receiving them. No larger than 10MB.

If you don't have any campaigns set-up you'll be redirected here every time you login.