Pay as you go setup

Each PAYG plan will charge a one off up-front £50 fee that will be credited to your account for the first month. To assist in a seamless experience please provide a monthly guesstimate of how many letters you may send. Don’t worry if you go under or over!

How does PAYG work?

Every campaign will take a £50 credit deposit that is non-refundable. This £50 is to initially set-up your paper prior to campaign launch. This deposit is used as credit towards your PAYG campaign.  PAYG Campaigns are charged at 12:00 GMT every Thursday for the letters requested between Thursday-Wednesday.

All PAYG campaigns will be charged at standard tier.

How the deposit works

You set up your campaign today with a A6 PAYG subscription. A deposit of £50 is charged at the start of the subscription. In the month you send 50 A6 Cards you will be charged  £92.50 ( 50* £2.85 ) – £50 Credit.

Once completed you will receive an email. Your campaign plan will be updated within 24 hours.
Payment details