Message Template

We build message templates that are used for every recipient sent linked to this campaign. Your message template is the personalised set-up that will be used when we receive a new letter request.  The message template will be either A4, A5, A5 tent-fold (A6 open) or A6 card. Depending on the letter size you will then have a limit on the number of characters to use. 

Customer variables enable you to personalise your letter as much or as little as your want. From just using the recipients first name, to including company names, discount codes and more. To use a custom variable click the button above the message template field to insert it or type it. If you wish to use more than three custom variables that’s specific to your campaign, just increment by letter i.e {customD}.

Write the message you would like to send to each recipient in the field below. Depending on the size of your letter will determine approximately how many characters you can have. Please keep in mind, depending on your handwriting style choice it may limit the character choices. The reason for this is because certain handwriting styles have an ideal fit and if too many characters are used on a smaller layout it may look unrealistic. We will always sense check and confirm with you prior to launch.

The below letter size is a visual representation of how your letter may appear. The sizes are not a true size and will be validated after submission, prior to campaign launch.

Please choose your campaign that this belongs to

A4: Max Characters: 1300 A5: Max Characters: 620 A6: Max Characters: 330

It's time to write your message that will be sent to your recipients. Penned will use this message, with the personalising variables to write your message. For example, write "Dear {Firstname}, ".. will use the Firstname in your recipient list. Remember the custom attributes are used here. Use {customA} and {customB} to add further personalisation.