Step 3. Upload your recipients

Now we’ve received your design and general information about your campaign. We need to know who you’d like us to send these beautifully crafted handwritten linen notes, cards or letters to.


Download our Penned template to create your recipient list.

Download the file and prepare your list from this file

Upload your recipient list

At this stage we only deliver within Australia, but stay tuned! We are here to help, so please reach out if you need any assistance.  Before attempting to upload your recipients please download the file.

A few things to note: please try to ensure you upload it as a CSV, let us know if you need help.

The template requires you to fill out every field except Custom A and Custom B.  

Custom Attributes

Custom attributes enable you to personalise the letter a tiny bit more for each customer.  If you wish to include personalised short message/word within each note (ensuring within character count) then include the word Custom A and Custom B. Then, in your ‘Message’ that you will create next, include ‘customA’ or ‘customB’ in your note.

Upload your recipients – whom are your beautiful handwritten notes going to?

Recipient details

You should ensure the mandatory fields are complete before continuing.

Upload your recipient file. To do this, make sure you download the template, save it and upload it again here. Remember, you can have ‘filler’ columns. These enable you to place custom words in the message going out to your recipients that are specific to that recipient. If you need more help, reach out on chat or read the info below.